For the past 25 years, we have been so blessed to have been able to collaborate and build unique, custom one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture for our customers. Our customers are from here locally in New Mexico and all across the country.

My husband and I were looking for special southwestern chairs to grace the dining room in our new home. We already had the right table, and wanted to match its color, as well as find quality upholstery and chairs. We weren’t completely sure what we were after, but knew we’d know it when we saw it.

After weeks of searching designer furniture stores, Santa Fe-style interior design stores, endless internet searches (who wants to really buy sight unseen?), and combing multiple consignment stores, we finally found Contemporary Southwest’s Mountain Design Studio.

Ron and June run the studio. Ron is a master woodworker, and June manages the store along with doing custom paint designs. She also happens to be an enormous help when it comes to making design choices. After looking at several options, we settled on a gorgeous hand-carved option with a stunning Pendleton fabric.

They walked us through all the choices, from seat size to how many captain’s chairs, and orientation of the fabric. We discussed colors and details, and they listened and remembered every conversation, concern and idea – truly outstanding customer relations!

Ultimately, they matched our existing table perfectly while also managing to pull a gorgeous ginger/cinnamon color from the fabric right into the wood stain. We are thrilled.

It’s not a short process, to be sure, if you want custom made.
To appreciate the final product, just take a look at the photos. We are in love with our dining room chairs – they are solid, unique, hand-carved, gorgeous pieces of art. They will grace our home for decades to come. We couldn’t recommend Ron and June and Contemporary Southwest’s Mountain Design Studio high enough.

~ Marc and Joanne Kagan


My husband and I have had several pieces of furniture from Ron and June. I would not think of going to another company for hand-made furniture. Every piece is rich with detailed hand carving and comes alive with the beautiful wood staining and hand-painting. You have the ability to pick from the designs on their site or to crate your own design.

They are a pleasure to work with! Would not think of going anywhere else for custom made furniture!

Thanks for all of our pieces and especially for the master bed and breakfast table and chairs which have made our new home complete!!!

~ Tami


In 2000 Contemporary Southwest built us a house full of furniture when we were building our new NC home.  I’m pretty sure that we may have the only Southwest furnished home east of the Mississippi.  We loved the furniture when we got it in 2000 and we love it just as much now.  It is not only beautiful, but it is so well built that it is showing almost no signs of wear after all these years.  We have had professional designers, cabinet makers, etc. see it and they have nothing but praise for the furniture.  Not only is the furniture awesome, but working with Ron and June was a pleasure.  They couldn’t do enough for us to make our long distance relationship work.  We consider them not only great craftsmen, but we also think of them as friends.

~Len Sokoloff


We’ve furnished several homes with their furniture over the last 25 years and have loved every piece. It all came out exactly as planned and Ron and June are so easy to work with it was a pleasure.

~ Gail Jancsar


Every time we walk into our dining room, we have to just stop and admire our beautiful custom table and chairs and matching hutch. It is truly a work of art. The carving and richness of the wood, combined with the colors you helped us choose. came together so well, it is literally breathtaking. It was a joy to work with you and to create our Te Ata collection. It has the charm and class that our Indian Lady, Te Ata, came to represent. Thank you.

~ JudyLee & Bruce Oliva – Albuquerque, NM


I love it, absolutely love it! It’s a little nerve-racking to order something and not really be able to picture what it will look like all together, but it’s just fantastic! Finally, chests that are actually big enough to hold things, and that great high headboard for a focal point. The counter height table is just perfect, makes it a little more casual which is just what I need. The quality is excellent, solid, detailed finishing, drawers that slide perfectly! And even though it got here via Dallas, it arrived in perfect shape. Thank you again!

~ Leslie & Tim Duerson – Las Vegas NV


The furniture arrived yesterday (11/14/07) in good condition. I am extremely delighted with each piece. The design and workmanship are wonderful .I have already received numerous WOWS from my colleagues! It was a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to visiting your showroom some day in the near future. Many thanks.

~ Susan Yochum


Our new furniture looks fantastic in our bedroom and highlights the completion of the redesign of the interior of our home.  Your attention to detail was superb regarding dimensions, samples, delivery times and setup. I think the photos illustrate how fine every thing is coordinated.  If we ever have additional furniture needs we will be calling you.

~ Carl Smith


We got our table today and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much the stain fits our kitchen perfectly!! Hopefully some day we will be able to get back in there and order more furniture. Take care and stay safe. Thanks again,

~ Michelle and Danny Glasgow


Just a note to let you know how much we have enjoyed the furniture you crafted for us. It is beautiful, and adds warmth and elegance to our home. Thank you again for the personal delivery and setup. We received the wall mount for the TV finally, a couple days before we left, and I got it set up and took some pics. We think it is just perfect. Come skiing with us sometime! Thanks again for everything.



Just a note to let you know how much we have enjoyed the furniture you crafted for us. It is beautiful, and adds warmth and elegance to our home. Thank you again for the personal delivery and setup.

We received the wall mount for the TV finally, a couple days before we left, and I got it set up and took some pics, but the ones from straight front turned out way too dark, so will not attach. The one I have attached gives a pretty good view of how it fits in, and how the wire cover piece you built works. We think it is just perfect. If you need more pics of it or any piece, let me know and we will get some more to you this summer. Come skiing with us sometime! Thanks again for everything.

~ Rus & Bonnie


Beautiful – Exquisite Craftsmanship – Incredible Detail – Vibrant Colors – Works of Art –
The pieces make my house a Home!! It is rare these days to find people who take pride in their work, but one look at these pieces and it is evident to anyone the pride and attention and love that goes into your furniture. You delivered everything as promised as far as quality, workmanship and sheer beauty and I know I came to the right people to furnish my home. I knew the furniture would be special but everything exceeds my wildest expectations.

Thank you both so much for all your help during this process and for having the patience to deal with someone like me with all my questions and my incredible lack of interior design knowledge, and my awful color matching skills. I won’t be able to call you until this afternoon or Monday and I just wanted you to know my thoughts when you got in this morning. Thanks again and best regards.

P.S: Your fabulous suggestions don’t stop with furniture. Your recommendation of Roy to deliver the furniture was right on. Roy and his helpers were extremely professional and treated the furniture as if it was their own. They were here almost 3 hours, taking their time and making certain everything was exactly where and as I wanted it. Roy a great guy, but you’re right – he sure likes to talk. We got along real well and I really appreciated the extra care he took all along the line.

~ Jerry

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